Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool Hawaii Biking Jersey @RideAloha #bikejersey

I normally don't buy the bike jerseys for sale at races and events because they tend to be either:
  1. Hideous
  2. Expensive
  3. Soon to be dated
  4. Or a combination of the above
Also, if you do the races annually you can get the jersey the next year for a great discount, provided you are extra extra small or large.
You said it Tiny E.

This year, the Hawaii Bicycling League made a sweet jersey, from their site:
Kanawai Mamalahoe, or The Law of the Splintered Paddle, jerseys will be ordered in limited stock and are available for purchase now. Delivery at or just before 9/25/11. HBL members receive member price of $75 USD for the Sugoi branded jerseys. Join now, or purchase one at the non-member rate of $90 USD.
Kanawai Mamalahoe is the first and most famous law decreed by Kamehameha I in 1797, 214 years ago. It was known as a forward-seeking and compassionate law for its times. Read. In today's world we take the law to mean that everyone (pedestrians, cyclists, handicapped, and motorists) has the right to be safe on the roads. Share the road! Live and let live! Ride Aloha, Drive Aloha! Kanawai Mamalahoe was made part of the Hawaii State Constitution in 1978. Honor the past; apply it to the future.
Additional Information: Sugoi brand jersey, "Evolution" style with 3/4 invisible sleeve.

It's a great local take on those extra visible and give me three feet of road jerseys.
I might even break down and pay the $90 for one since it combines my love of law, jerseys, and....I don't know, marmalade color schemes.

I could wait until next years Century Ride but I have a feeling this one might sell out.

You can get it here.

Good job HBL! 

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